• 17.04.17
    Many new flowers!
  • 22.12.16
    New blooms for your new projects!
  • 15.08.16
    Wild roses for scrapbooking made with hight quality handmade mulberry paper
  • 09.06.16
    Get our color chart to choose the best shades for your projects
  • 19.05.16
    Seasonal sakura blooming. Choose your favorite shade!
  • 07.04.16
    Stunning ranunculus for scrapbooking and decor projects
  • 02.02.16
    Lovely new style paper roses for scrapbooking
  • 11.01.16
    Medium size volume aster paper flowers for scrapbooking
  • 16.12.15
    Chose our favourite flowers - paper gardenias - for volume fluffy scrabooking projects!
  • 03.12.15
    Add seasonal spices to your scrapbooking with our handmade paper flowers and leaves
  • 15.09.15
    Try our simple hydrangea petals for scrapbooking! You can buy hem wholesale directly from Thailand
  • 14.07.15
    Big paper roses for scrapbooking are ready for wholesale!
  • 02.07.15
    Medium cherry blossoms are new july arrivals of scrapbooking flowers
  • 01.06.15
    Big mulberry paper flowers from Thailand for scrapbooking and craft projects
  • 12.05.15
    Mini clothespins for hundreds craft ideas
  • 15.04.15
    New arrivals in our store
  • 18.03.15
    Use fresh and unusual mulberry paper flowers from Thailand for unforgettable scrapbooking projects
  • 25.02.15
    Have a look at our laces, trims and ribbons for your scrapbooking cards, layouts, tags, gift wrapping
  • 04.02.15
    It's easy to bring spring soft touch to your projects with unusual scrapbooking flowers - gently paper cherry blossoms and gorgeous poppy flowers
  • 24.12.14
    Today we'll tell about our tiny flat paper flowers. They are perfect for small scrapbooking projects and altered art
  • 04.12.14
    The most popular paper flowers and paper roses for scrapbooking
  • 01.11.14
    All buyers are welcome! Our high quality mulberry paper flowers from Thailand are ready to sell!